Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Recent Favs + Links // LIFE

Thought I'd update you guys with some recent favorites of mine. I'll admit, these are totally all over the place. But that's fun, right?

Let's start out with some games

  • I've been out, but I totally go into Stardew Valley. If you guys played Harvest Moon, then you'll love this. It's Harvest Moon advanced for the PC. It actually recently got me back into my Harvest Moon DS Cute
  • Pokemon Go--this should totally be obvious. I've been obsessed since pokemon since I was 4 or 5, and have played a game from every generation since original Red and Blue. You can BET I was hella excited to play this. 

How bout some food stuff?

  • I love the IHOP Cinnastack French Toast. Guys, I strongly recommend you try this recipe from CopyKat Recipes. I don't make the cream cheese icing (out of laziness) or the pancakes (I do french toast instead) but she nailed the recipe to the cinnamon spread pretty good. Also, it makes a TON. I have a lot left over and that leads me to my next favorite.
  • Bagels. This may be really random, but I had a craving for bagels and then I couldn't be stopped. My recent favorite thing to do is toast a bagel and top it with the cinnamon spread for breakfast. It's soooooo good, and very easy!

Let's hear it for fashion:

  • I don't know why it took me so long to get a chambray jean shirt. My unofficial office uniform seems to always revolve around me topping off the outfit with my chambray shirt. I thrifted my Old Navy one, but you can find them everywhere. 
  • So have you ever found yourself being in a subculture/stereotype without even knowing it? I just recently found this out, but there is a subculture called "ART HOE " (lmao that name tho) that I've always known and found myself fitting in with...but I never knew it was an actual thing! It's really interesting. Here's a few links about it.
    • Top 20 Art Hoe Closet Basics - Also, this tumblr takes a lot of submissions for the art hoe style, so it gives you a look at what the aesthetic is.
    • Art Hoes: A Field Guide - A general article about the subculture, although it's a bit iffy on a bit of its points. 
  • I thought I'd mention the necklace I wore in my last outfit post. It's from Honeybee Alley and I'm still wearing it a ton. It's perfect to wear with a plain outfit as a pop of interesting. 
  • Instead of making a seperate section, I'll add in that I'm loving Nyx Liquid Suede in Stone Fox and Covergirl Stay Matte BB Cream.
Unrelated to favs but here's a colorful Ringo I'll sneak in

Gotta gotta gotta have some art favs:

(These are more just artists I've been loving)
  • Angemillerart - A painter, who has been doing a "Sea Garden" series full of bright, fantastical shapes of undersea life. 
  • Yumiphilips - I honestly just really enjoy her color palette. It's soothing..but with something else that's provoking. 
  • Fireflyfiphie - Love her art journal. In fact, she reallly makes me want to start one as well. Maybe when I get back home, I already have two sketchbooks with me! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Thrift Finds // HAUL + Video!!

Hey guys, as you may be able to guess, I have been thrifting like crazy recently. I decided to take a little bit of a different route and put a vlog here on the blog. I do apologize for the amateur level cinematography---hopefully I'll be able to improve that in time! 

Also, what does everyone recommend to edit videos with? I just use what's on Movie Maker and Youtube, but I'd really like to try an alternative. The black box on this really bothers me too, but I'll have to play around with my camera a bit.

As you can see, I found a good many number of objects as I've gone. The only thing I dream of finding now is another well fitting overall dress and a nice pair of athletic shoes. (I'll need better shoes for all this walking I'm doing trying to catch some dang Pokemon!

Hope you enjoyed, Take care!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sketchbook update! #4 // ART

Hey guys! I've been trying to love on my sketchbook more this month, especially since I don't have all of my art palettes. I find that I've been a heavy user of pen to make outlines, like crazy this month. I might fall back on it too hard, but I love the crisp line it gives!

I found out that crystals are quite fun to draw.

This is Sutha! I mentioned her in my D&D post a couple weeks ago!

I saw this girl on instagram and thought she was pretty, and I wanted to try a more realistic style. As you can see, I defaulted on my lines, but I liked how it came out!

OHHHH we got a girl gang going on! I totally am crushing over their outfits <33 p="">

I've done this picture before, but in a realistic style. I wanted to do it in my own style for an update. I'm happy at how the acrylic turned out, especially her skin and the bunny's fur!

This is definitely the piece I am most proud of! Sutha again, but in acrylic color. It definitely took some work for her skin, but it was so fun. And I can see her so much better now! I'm glad I did her justice!

And other creative bloggers, I would love to see your recent works and blogs! Comment down below your recent creative endeavors :)