Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Solo-ing in Seattle // TRAVEL

Solo travel is something I really want to do, but somehow always talk myself out of it. It's odd, because I am normally a very independent person, I love to travel, and I love doing things alone at my own pace. What can I say, I'm an INFP. 

But I had always resisted travelling alone. The idea always interested me, but I'd convince myself that people would be worried. And yeah--people would be worried. But I'm an adult, and I know the dangers of it. 

While I'm hyping this up to be a total grand adventure I went on, in reality I only took a hour long bus ride and spent the day (all daylight!) in the city of Seattle, a city I'm decently familiar with. But hey, baby steps!

Those of you that don't know, I love the city of Seattle. It's so interesting and artsy, not to mention beautiful. 

You know, when I was waiting for the bus, I met a Venezuelan woman who asked if I was from England. While I have heard that my accent isn't strong or particularly southern, I've never gotten English before! 

By the way, the lines were finally short enough to ride on the dang Great Wheel. It was really nice and calming too, I definitely recommend everyone trying it at least once, but try whenever the lines are shorter! I'm not sure it's worth waiting in an hour+ long line. Twenty minutes? Yeah, sure.

I love the architecture around here. Isn't it really intriguing to see the different architecture styles across the country? Don't get me started on across the world. Maybe I missed my calling!

I hope you enjoyed my little travel diary. I really hope to do some more trips and maybe even more solo trips soon. It was really enjoyable. Eating mac n cheese, chilling at a cafe, window shopping---all while I didn't have to worry about rushing, or waiting up on others, or losing others.

I definitely recommend solo travel. Have you gone on any notable solo trips?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What is Dungeons and Dragons and Why You Should Play It

You may have heard of Dungeons and Dragons or DnD and may know it as being well--for nerds.

And I suppose that's right.

But let's be honest with ourselves, as the rise of comic book heroes and video games come into mainstream, many things are open to those who aren't excessively nerdy.

I'll say I fall into a nerdy category, but I'm no super nerd like what's depicted on The Big Bang Theory. I recall from the show that Sheldon has never played Dungeons and Dragons with a girl before. And Penny said that no girls ever play it.

Well, this girl does. And she LOVES it! And that's why she's going to tell you more about it.

1. Basics of the Game

I'd say the hardest thing about Dungeons and Dragons is finding people to play it with. But that's because it's been cast off for the super-nerds! Once more people start playing, the easier it will be to find a group.

Basic Terms & Ideas to Know:

  1. DM (Dungeon Master) - This is god. Not joshing, it makes total sense. The DM is the person that lays out the path, comes up with the terrain, story, all side characters and villains, and the conflicts. You'll have benevolent DMs who will spare your party, and malevolent DMs who will do all in their power (and luck) to kill your party. I think a perfect one is right in the middle. Also one that has a sense of humor! You really have to respect the DM's job, it's got a lot going on, and they have to always be prepared.
  2. Dice - There is quite a few dice involved in DnD. The most famous one is a D20, but there are also D10s, D6s, D8s, D12s, and D4s. These are used for attacks, to see if a plan works, etc. etc. 
  3. Your character - This is who you go through the DnD world as. You create them, then you are them.
  4. Party - Your character and everyone else's character is in a group traveling together. They are called the party. 

Things You Need:

There are a few things you need before playing.
  1. Dice - Now, I actually have my own dice now, but before I was just using a free app. I really liked Dice Calculator--the calculator option is insanely useful. Need to roll two D10s? Click the D10 and press * 2 and =. That'll give you your answer right there
  2. Guidebook/Character Resources of some sort - This is a harder one, and when you are first starting it can seem very overwhelming. Also, the price of a book isn't too great for beginners (around 50 bucks!) but there are quite a few character builders and resources online you can use. The internet really helped DnD become more accessible! Note: Be sure to comply with the edition your DM is using!
  3. Character Sheet - Don't EVER lose this. This is basically your character's identity and being! Basically, this is where you fill out everything about your character, to their stats, weapons, and eye color.

So Dungeons and Dragons is called a Tabletop RPG, and if you know anything about videogames then you know about RPGs. RPGs, formally knowns as Role Playing Games, are where you take on a role and explore a fantasy world, whether it be high, low, or realistic fantasy. DnD is typically a high fantasy, full of well--dungeons and dragons! Or: demons, vampires, elves, you name it.

You create a character, along with other people you are playing with, and the DM will present you with a story. It may start out vague, just letting you get to know each other, and then for some reason or another, your characters will start off on a journey together as a bunch of adventurers. Gradually, things are going to start happening and as a group you must decide what to do. Things you do may end up very good--or even worse than they began. It's all up to you! (And the DM)

You may fight villains, solve mysteries, save the village--or all three and more!

2. Why You Should Play It

Have I not convinced you?! No, I totally get it. A lot of this is going to seem like a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Let me give you some guidelines to see if you might actually like DnD:
  • You like Role Playing Games (especially fantasy ones)
  • You like the STORY in Role Playing Games
  • You like games where your choices affect the ending
  • You like the fantasy genre (books, movies, games, etc.)
  • You like to write and come up with stories
  • You like to be creative
  • You've always wanted to try it!
The reason why I list these things is well, if you don't like fantasy you probably won't like DnD! Also, you need to flex your creativity. There are many, many different paths to take in DnD. Once, my party took a path that our DM didn't even see coming in the slightest! (That was one of our dumb moves by the way) Another thing you should possess is being cooperative. No one likes a character that always wants their way. While that can be your character's personality, make it fit into the story, and don't bully others just for the sake of the character. It's a team effort after all!

3. About My Character

My character is my baby. That may sound weird and totally unhealthy, and it probably is because she'll die one day. (Oh, I should probably mention that your characters can die. If that happens, you'll have to make a brand new character. Thankfully, as long as your DM is competent and not an asshole, he won't be trying to actively kill you. But--if it happens it happens. Tough shit. That's what makes every situation very dire and calculated.)

Sutha's Dating Profile

Sutha is a thick half-orc who is brawns over brain, but has a kind heart. 

She likes shy quiet elven men, her axe, beating bad guys to a pulp, and dancing.
She hates misogynists. Remember she's a strong woman after all!

She may have a rough exterior, but she's often the voice of reason. But watch out--anger her and you'll send her into a barbaric rage!


So yes, my character is a huge half-orc barbarian woman, who is a bounty hunter. Perfect for 5'2 me who can barely lift 10 lbs!

Why did I go with such a rough character? I kind went with the formula for most games I play, the first try my class is always going to be something that hits. And then, I thought---why not just go with the strongest, burliest thing ever? And Sutha was borne. 

Any questions? PLEASE ask below, I'd love to answer them! Also, I can continue this series if it's desired :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Three Ways to Style an American Apparel Tennis Skirt

I'm going to start off this style post by saying...have any of you thrift shoppers ever walk into a thrift store, lusting after a certain piece and magically finding it in the thrift store like it was meant to be?

Well, that was me with this American Apparel look-a-like tennis skirt.

I've been lusting after the tennis skirt after I've seen so many people styling it, but I couldn't justify myself picking one up, especially from American Apparel. But, not too long ago I was perusing the skirt section in value village, a size up actually, and found it. That just goes to show you how you really need to explore your local thrift store, and sometimes try on things that aren't exactly your size. I'm not saying go 5 sizes up, but one to maybe three. For example, I'm usually a one or a two, but this skirt fits perfectly at a size three.

Enough of my miraculous encounter, time to get on to the styling!

1. Parisian Inspired Casuality

This look is fairly trendy, with the bandana around the neck and all. I've seen the trend pick up lately, and I'm all for it.  I think the classic look of this one gives off a Parisian vibe as well. Maybe that's rather stereotypical of me, because I think black and white stripes, black bottoms, and a touch of red (whether that a scarf, bandana, shoes, or lipstick) just screams Parisian simplicity. Bonus: Throw on a jean jacket for days it is a little colder!

But that's just me. 


Top: Abercrombie & Fitch
Skirt: Thrifted
Bandana: Gifted
Shoes: Local shoes place

2. Let's Get Graphic

Ahh yes, the combo of Band Tee + Tennis Skirt is one for the books. This outfit could fit in almost any graphic tee. I decided of course, to go with a more punk/grunge vibe, given the Nirvana tee. This outfit would also work swimmingly with a pair of converse. Throw on a dark lip and you're all set.


Top: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Boots: Target
Bandana: Thrifted
Choker: Fuego

3. Fancy Floral

While my first two looks are definitely on the casual side, it is very possible to dress up a tennis skirt with a top that has a nice collar. a statement necklace, and some heels. (While optimally I would have worn some black heels, I'm living out of a suitcase for the few months, so I don't have all my shoes!) 

I think this would be a lovely date look.


Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Rue 21

There you have it guys, three ways to style a tennis skirt (modeling the American Apparel ones of course). It's such an awesome piece of clothing to have, any I'm almost tempted to look for a white or burgundy one...haha, lawd knows I don't need it.

Are you into the American Apparel Tennis Skirt trend?